Bradley Sass started out taking over his high school’s computer systems and learning to navigate and meander around the inter-webs. He and friends were avid followers of 2600 the hackers magazine. They experimented with all kinds of interesting things. Were glad he is with us now and not in a federal institution somewhere. Of course, he matured and realized he wanted to be a white hat not a black hat and hence he is one of the good guys. He spent time in the entertainment industry and hospital industry and then moved  to the Technical Business.  Seems tech is in his blood. A natural learner and patient diagnostician.   He is in the right place!

In our company we have our own fabled story because of him. Clients sent a Lear Jet to take he and a small group cross country to  a customer’s location for major problem solving. He figured it out. He now has his own version of the “Hit it with the hammer story” You know the one that watches the guy hit a big color press with a hammer and then charge them big money. They say hey I could have done that. Well here’s the hammer you figure out where to hit it. Which proves experience, real in the field experience is a great teacher and imparts important lessons.

With that said he is a consummate gamer, jeep aficionado and sometime fishermen. He also looks a lot like Edward Snowden.  Some days were not sure he isn’t Edward and co-incidentally that’s his middle name. Is it a co-incident? It depends on your take of conspiracy theories.


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