After graduating from University of Minnesota at Morris Bryce began his career as a commercial banker. Doing that led him into manufacturing. First in the automotive aftermarket and then in the jewelry identity market. The first company started in a two car garage and ended up selling in over 41 countries. The second company… well that didn’t work out so well.  My claim to fame :  how I lost all my money but my product was listed in the best of Forbes magazine.  We Sold very expensive gold business cards, corporate indicia to the Hoi Poloi like Malcom Forbes, Royalty of Saudi Arabia etc. written about all over the world. It’s an interesting story.

The common thread with all of them was an interest and ability in technology. After losing all my money a friend suggested all was not lost. Instead of getting a job he suggested I simply create another business.  Hence Xylon Corporation was born. It’s been very fast 30 years and it changes every year. That’s why we have great people who are much smarter than me and teach and challenge me. We have developed a wonderful collection of clients many who have been with us over 17 plus years. And we have weathered many market changes along with the technological advances that happen all the time.

Oh and I love classic cars, airplanes, photography, technology, travel and My wife of course. Got lucky there, Wife I’m talking about. And I love Yorkie’s!

One of the neat things about the technology business is you have a great excuse to have the latest computers and systems yourself. Great deal for gadget guys and early adopters. Kind of costly but then we learn what not to do so our customers can learn from our experience. All things aside I work with some really talented people which makes the business fun.


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