Use Caution When Opening emails

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Use Caution when opening eMail

This is a reminder of the current viruses and worms that come in via email. Please exercise extreme caution with any e-mails that have attachments. Companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS never send tracking information in a ZIP file or PDF or any type of attachments. Also, there are many emails that go around with "Invoices" attached as a ZIP file with a password or people seeking that you refund to a credit card. These are the types of emails that could contain a worm or virus.


And, you should still be cautious of emails from people you know, as these can spread viruses from other infected computers. The preview pane will not actually open the email.  It’s when you double click to open the email in a new window or click on the attachment that the virus is set loose.


If ever in doubt DO NOT open the email instead forward it to Bradley Sass  for review.

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